The Remnant Session 2: Red Who? Part 1: Pump and Go

Session 2: Red Who?

Part 1: Pump & Go

Throughout the night, while taking turns guarding the wounded raider as well as the elevator to the basement of the department store which looks like at one time it was mechanical or boiler room of some sort, they explored the basement. They were looking for alternate ways in and out, but none where found. Most likely the other accesses to this area were behind or under the clasped rubble. The smell of oily dust mixed with body odor, it fills their nostrils, as light begins to shine through the elevator hatch which was still open. As they move around their clothes still feel damp from the rain the night before.

Grease strikes up a conversation, “Right now we have two objectives one is to meet back up with our people and the other to get this guy…”

Xavier interjects, “Do we want to go back yet, I don’t think…”

Grease talking over Xavier, “Well the problem is what if they come in behind us and we haven’t met up with them yet.”

Xavier asks, “They who?”

Grease simply states, “Our people.”

Xavier replies, “We need to find out where the danger is!  What if our people ran into that Mech and those foot soldiers? We could be missing half our people if not all of them at this point. If you’re going to say our people we need to scout this Red Guy.”

Walter jumps into the conversation and states, “Well it depends on how far way Red is.”

Xavier looks to the wounded Raider, “So how far is it to meet Red?”

The Wounded Raider replies, “From here I would say three hours walking, give or take. Depends on what route we take.”

Walter states, “That’s not too bad”

Xavier asks, “Can you draw me a map?”

Wounded Raider stutterers a bit, “No, I can’t draw you a map; but I think I can tell you how to get there. We could probably walk away from the sun westward until we find the 880. Follow it or the coast south head but…”

Xavier interrupts, “You don’t even know where you are, do you? A true soldier; just does as you’re told.”

Walter shakes his head slowly at the wounded Raider. Jacks continues to watch the elevator. As the others finish conversing about what to do next.

Wounded Raider states again, “But first we must follow the 580 follow it down the Mosswood then we will find the 880.  Just keep walking keeping coast to the left you will see Red Island or Guard Island.”

Xavier states, “We could move faster if you weren’t straggling along behind”

Wounded Raider simply states, “You could unlock my leg I wouldn’t take so long.”

Xavier thinks it over a moment before stating in a demeaning manner, “I know you can’t outrun a bullet. At the moment, you are more use to us alive. But I’m not too sure how smart you are. So we are keeping you safe. If anything happens, we get ambushed, you are the first to get shot.”

Wounded Raider nods in agreement. As Walter unlocks his leg and elbow, and gives back most of its function. At which point Jacks begins keeping an eye on the Wounded Raider to ensure his compliance.

Grease says, “We need to get everyone up the elevator shaft first.”

Xavier looks to Grease and asks, “Can you fix the elevator”

Grease replies, “I can check it out”

As Grease takes a quick look at the elevator spending very little time doing so, he determines that the elevator is serviceable but lacks a power supply.

Grease suggests, “We need a power supply of some sort, what about that raider does he have one in him?”

Walter replies, “He has a battery somewhere.” Referring to the wounded Raider

Grease says, “No, the one we just offed does he have a battery we can use.”

Walter utters, “No”

Xavier jumps back in the discussion, “Here’s, the thing really, we don’t need an elevator we can just hoist him up, it’s just one floor.” Referring once again to the Wounded Raider

Grease says, “Well yeah”

Xavier states, “We could rig up a pulley system of some sort to lift this guy out of here and you and Jacks up top to pull him up.”

Xavier quickly searches the room and uncovers long lengths of wiring and old drop cords hanging from the ceiling. Lashing the cords together to create longer pieces, as well as creating a simple lift to pull the wounded raider out of the elevator shaft, Xavier spearheads the operation bounding up the elevator shaft swiftly but quietly to scout a slightly ahead. Once on the ground floor of the department store, he quickly notices that they left footprints in the dust last night due to their wet boots. But other than that, the department store is dead quiet except for the creaking and cracking sound of the building itself as the morning sun falls on the building. Xavier makes his way to the storefront to peek up and down the street in search of signs of possible dangers, greeted with the only sound of crows and seagulls off in the distance. After not noticing any threats he makes his way back to the elevator covering up the all the footprints, even the ones from the night before. Once back to the elevator he calls down quietly that it’s all clear. Grease makes a quick harness around the raider and makes his way up the elevator shaft. As Jacks pulls guard in the basement below. Grease begins pulling up the wounded raider using nothing but the raw power of his muscles to do so, without the help of his exoskeletal arm. The wounded Raider is lifted easily out of the elevator shaft. Following behind the wounded raider, Walter makes his way up. As he is pulling himself up over the ledge, he loses his grip for a mere second smacking his chin on the ledge. He gives a brief glance around to see if anyone noticed before finishing crawling out of the shaft. With Jacks behind him who makes it out with little to no effort. While Walter and Jacks were making their way up, Grease was binding the Wounded Raider’s wrists behind his back, looping the cordage from his wrist to around his neck using electrical wiring, in an effort to give more control over the wounded raider. As they make their way out Grease looks up to see where the rising Sun is located.

Grease points out, “We need to head this way the Sun is rising over there, so this way is West.”

gas station.pngOnce they set off Xavier moves half a block ahead of the group to scout ahead. Grease gets a firm grip on the wounded raiders bindings and moves him to the side of the street to give them some cover. Walter and Jacks follow close behind Grease and begin heading west. While making their way down the road they notice a ran down service station of some type. The faint red Pump & Go lettering on the faded black almost a light gray awing that has clearly been sun bleached catches their attention. Not the sign itself, but movement inside. Just then two individuals run through the already broken door toward the group. Their footfalls are hard and heavy, both arms are pumping as hard as they can. Then something breaks through the door frame smashing it to the ground. The sound of the metal frame crashing to ground echoes down the desolate street. As the group gets a chance to get a better look at it, they see a bipedal robot about ten paces behind a scruffy looking half cyborg soldier and a young woman in ragtag clothing wearing a fanny pack.

Jacks blurts out, “OH crap it’s BLANK!”


At that moment Jacks yells it’s BLANK almost immediately bits and pieces of facts about Blanks start to pop up in the party’s heads. More-so a reflex of hearing the word blank than a memory of them. Every place you go has their version of a story but almost all versions have similar components, where some of them are just known die-hard facts. With blanks, however, not everyone knows every bit and piece of information. So when hearing the word Blank, it triggers some or all known facts that individuals know. This is that blanks are robots that are missing their governing rules that prevent them from harming living beings. Most robots track beating hearts to tell if something is living or not; as well as using digital recognition software developed by Amazon to determine what they were looking at. When robots become self-aware, they saw humans as a threat. Amazon put safety protocols into place to prevent this but Blank have corrupt data and do not have these protocols or governing rules.

The half-cyborg soldier and the young woman in ragtag clothing and a fanny pack barrel towards the group. Xavier dives behind a car taking cover and uses his cloak to help himself hide. Most of the group knows how dangerous a blank can be since they are a not an uncommon thing to come across. Grease lets go of the wounded Raider pulls his rifle up knowing how this particular model robot is designed he takes aim at the Blank. At around a hundred meters away, he fires a shot at the central processing unit, the bullet whistles through the air and it hit dead center of the central processor. Flying out the back of the Blank it hits the wall of the Pump & Go behind it. Sparks begin flying out of the Blank and it tips over. The young woman, still running as fast as she can, passes the car in which Xavier is hiding. Wounded Raider at this point is looking around not sure what to do as Grease moves his rifle to aim at the young woman running towards him. Walter runs up to the Blank and begins dismantling it for parts. Jacks with his weapon at the ready a few paces behind Grease off his left shoulder is keeping a watchful eye on the wounded raider, half-cyborg soldier, and young woman. Walter is ripping a battery as well as servos and a motherboard out of the Blanks metal shell.

The half cyborg throws his hand up and begins to pleading loudly, “Wait, wait, wait, everybody stop!”

Grease yells as well, “Stop, stop, STOP!” Grease voice rings out.

Half-Cyborg once again yells, “Lila stop.”

The young woman skids to a stop, the half-cyborg beings walking toward the group slowly with his hands up. Grease lowers his weapon and takes hold of the wounded raider once again pulling him closer, sort of using him as a shield. Jacks still has his weapon at the ready as the two-newcomers come closer to Grease and Jacks position. The half cyborg with his hands still in the air. Walter finishes tearing apart the blank for spare parts and moves up to join the group. Xavier is still well hidden under his cloak as the group founds out who the newcomers are.

Grease speaks up, “Keep your hand up”

Half-Cyborg with an even tone, “My name is AXL.”

Grease asks, not seeming to care that the Half-Cyborg spoke, “How did you end up being chased by this thing?”

Lila says, “I guess we walked somewhere we weren’t supposed to be.”

Grease asks, “Are you part of Red?” give them a hard look.

AXL replies, “No!”

Grease flat out tells them, “take-off” and repeats himself once again “take-off”

AXL seeming a bit confused he says hesitantly, “Alright”

Grease simply states, “This is ours, so take-off”

AXL tries to appeal to the group, “The thing is we don’t have anywhere else to go.”

Walter snidely interject, “That’s not my problem or our problem.”

Grease asks, “Do you have food?”

AXL replies, “Um, No!”

Grease states, “Your no help to us.”

AXL states, “I have firepower, though”

Grease sternly states, “You got firepower? If you have firepower, you wouldn’t be chased by one of them.”

In the distance, you can hear Xavier snicker.

AXL looks to Lila, “Help me out here.”

Lila replies, “You started talking to them.”

Grease take moment to think, before asking, “How old are you.”

Lila replies questionably, “Who me?”

Grease nodding his head, “Yes you”

Lila replies, “In my twenties?” Still looking a bit confused perhaps.

AXL chimes in, “Um, twenty-one”

Now Xavier, who just broke cover a moment ago from laughing, loads rock in his sling and lets it fly smacking AXL in the side of the head. AXL’s hand quickly moves to the side of his head rubbing the bump.

AXL’s human side of his face lights up with a fit of short-lived anger as he yells out, “WHAT THE HECK!?”

Grease simple asks, “How long have you guys been out here?”

AXL completely disregards the question and states, “I escaped from a corporation military compound, I’ve been out.”

Xavier interrupts him mid-sentence., “So were you an experiment or the busboy?”

Lila giggles

Walter quickly replies, “Both.”

AXL replies, “I was an experiment they replaced my arm and eye.”

Xavier looking unimpressed, “Well that free out here, he’s got one of those, and so does he.”

Grease speaks up, “So are you related or what?”

Lila replies, “No!”

Grease says, “So just passing or what?”

AXL quickly says, “Yeah just passing.”

Grease simply address the two newcomers, “Well we have business this way, so if you need to go, then go.”

Lila asked, “What’s your business?”

Grease replies, “Probably something you don’t want to deal with.”

Xavier asks Lila crudely, “What’s your business little miss.”

As AXL cuts off Xavier, “I don’t care as long as I get something out of it”

Xavier interjects rudely, “So little miss shares things what your business.”

Lila replies quickly, “Not my business.”

Grease states, “You got something out of this. You’re breathing.”

Xavier looks to AXL, “Okay how about this, how long can you hold your breath? You see that, now that’s free.”

AXL replies, “I don’t hold my breath, I try to breathe as much as possible, so I don’t die.”

Grease shakes his head and gives Xavier a hard stare cutting his eyes to the two-newcomers lipping these two are going to get shot.

Walter looks AXL up and down, “So how much percentage of your body is Cybernetic.”

AXL ignores Walter’s question and instead asks, “So, can we come with?”

Grease says, “I don’t care, but we need to get going.”

For the full story see the Story so Far.


Update to the Remnant Session 2 to come very soon.

Session 2 Red Who? will be posted in parts since it was much longer than I thought it would be.



Image result for heroquest game play reviewRecently, I started playing Heroquest with my family. I’ve had this game since I was a child. The kids really enjoy playing. Heroquest is fun but does feel a bit dated. The game is a simple hack and slash, dungeon crawl type game. Your characters only progression is buying or finding new weapons and armor. This game is super easy to set up and play with kids. The quest booklet is very easy to follow and come with 14 quests. The base game has four types of characters you can choose from: The barbarian, dwarf, elf, and wizard. The Barbarian is your tank/damage dealer depending on what gear he has. The Dwarf is also a fighter but can disarm traps. The elf is a fighter/magic-user and the wizard is mostly pure magic. Wizards can fight but it is not recommended. The dice have 3 skulls, 2 shields, and 1 black enemy shield as well as 2 red d6s. The red d6 are for movement and special rolls against magic for the most part. The skull represents possible damage whereas shields are the defense against an attack. The black shield prevents players from instantly killing an enemy. So, a few bad rolls and you’re out of the game. Especial early in the game if you don’t stick together and play your role, the chance of failure is rather high. I typically am Zargon, the evil wizard that controls the monsters, basically the game master. Even though this game is very simple, in terms of Role-playing games, it does teach cooperative play. Without it, you will not make it through the first quest. Which my family found out the first time they played and they all died. The gameplay itself can get very repetitive since you go to a room attack and kill the monster then, search for traps, secret doors, and treasure. Then rinse and repeat in the next room. Do the kids care? Not one bit, they just want the treasure first. heroquest

During Quest 2, rescue Sir Ragnar who is a knight for prince Magnus from the orc Ulag, the Heros almost didn’t make it through it last night. My youngest decided to split the party again. They did alright but started to get overwhelmed by too many monsters. By the end of it, they got it together and started luring the monsters into an area where they could fight one monster at a time by attacking that one monster from multiple sides. All in all, they had a blast playing it, and I highly recommend that you give it a try. That is if you can find a copy reasonably priced.




So, we finished our first two sessions of Fate Core last on Saturday. First session back before Christmas went as expected, we started late, there were lots of questions, and some confusion on how things worked. We normal play D&D where the DM controls everything in the world. Moving to playing Fate where I let the players decide how some of the events unfold dome confusion is expected. The second session went a little smoother but I am still trying to get some of the younger players to break out of their shell and participate a bit more. This was two of the younger player first time playing fate. It is expected, the first time playing, to be more reserved. From the first session to this session we went from three players to five. There have been changes to the world not only from the player’s standpoint but from mine. New aspects of the world have expanded. Character backgrounds are starting to unfold as well. As of right now, I have about 4 hours of audio from our last game to sift through so I can transcribe it all. The hardest part is distinguishing the moving in and out of characters because we are laughing and joking at the same time. Our games take place at my house. Usually we have dinner beforehand and we play in the dining room while everyone else is in the living room watching tv or doing something else. My wife decided to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which was a distraction in itself due to during certain parts of the movie we would kind of stop to watch key parts of it. Hopefully, by this weekend, I will have session two posted. We all had fun and that’s what it’s about.

The Remnant Session 1: On the Road

The Remnant full story:

Raiders attacked us without warning in the night. They came crawling out the sewer, over the walls, broke down our gate. For all the defenses none of it seemed to matter.  Some of us got away and been on the move for a couple of weeks. With them on your tail the whole step of the way.  Moving from building to building trying to stay out of sight as much as you can while slowly making our way into ruins of Oakland. Living out in the open is just asking for trouble.  A small group of you split off the main group to Scout ahead. Savaging for food is rough but finding food has been hard with patrols looking for us.ruin city

They found us….

Shots ricochet off the pavement and sides of building as the five of you sprint through the darkened streets of this city’s ruins. Jacks is leading the way through the maze of rusted out cars. Xavier and Grease just a few steps behind him, with Walter and Hope lagging ten steps or so behind. You can hear the shouts of the assailants chasing you, and it sounds like there are several on other side streets, along with a few a couple blocks back.

Jacks spins on his heels, within that fluid motion his high caliber rifle echoes piercingly in the confines of the ruined street within a flash one of the goons chasing your popped out of nowhere but all you see is man stagger and fall, dead on the spot. In the same stride Jacks’ back weaving in out of cars leading the way.

Jacks turns are head yells back in a harsh voice, “Let’s Go”

“I’m Trying …” Hope states as she, struggling for breath while trying to keep pace.

As the five of you making your way to the next intersection the road comes to a Tee, a collapsed build is blocking the road to left and to the right an Old rusted battle mech with a gunner mount on the left shoulder as well as two other raiders are blocking the path.Mech

Jack skids to a halt and looks left and right before thrown himself behind the cover of the rusted-out VW van and landing with a thud as his back slams against the van.

The others hesitate for just a moment as the gunner on the left Shoulder of the rusted mech begins laughing sadistically; his laughter echoes in the down the street but is soon drowned out by high caliber machine gun being fired wildly down the street as he sweeps the back and forth.

A Sharp scream penetrates the gunfire as Hope body falls lifelessly to the ground. 

Grease makes a break for the doors dead ahead, Xavier takes notice of Grease’s movements but takes a half a moment to survey his route and makes a run for what seems to be the shortest, safest route. While moving between cars, bullets fly past as he side steps and dip into cover where he can, occasionally performing a roll maneuver to avoid gunfire from the Raiders. As Grease breeches the door a bullet barely grazes him, leaving a small trickle of blood. Jacks and Walter seemingly having the same idea both make a hasty shot at the gunner on the old mech. Neither shot did any real damage but it did prove an opening for them to make a run to the doorway as they take about the same route as Xavier.

The scouting party makes their way through the doorway in an old run-down multilevel department store. Parts of the second floor are caved in as well as part of the roof. This lets in the fading light as dusk continues to fall. Floors are littered with rubble, old broken-down mannequins, and display cases. As they bound through the department store trying to put as much distance between them and their pursuers. They can hear the old mech moving away from the building and can hear boots echoing from the two raiders as they are making their way through the debris of the building. Grease turns and fires a shot toward where he believes the Raiders are. As the bullet flies between  Jacks and Walter, Grease is rewarded with a scream from of a pursuer as the bullet hits its mark. Xavier signals the others as he takes a non-functioning escalator to the second floor. They continue making a B-line to the other side of the department store. As the party reaches the far end of the department store. Most of the windows and sliding doors have their glass shattered. Slowly Grease peeks his head out one of the broken windows for a quick glance. But he is unable to really see anything. However, Xavier on the second floor has a better vantage point and can see two full blocks to the Old Mech rounding the corner. The faint noise of the wounded raider is still echoing through the building. Jacks and Walter post up not far behind Grease as Xavier calls down from the floor above that the Mech is rounding the corner two blocks to the right.mall

Due to the very low light of the night sky, the party decides to leave the department store and head left down the sidewalk away from the Mech hugging the build as much as possible to keep their silhouettes from giving them away. As they make their way down they come across a door that is slightly ajar. Grease gives it a slight push but realizes there is debris, or something, blocking the door from opening all the way.

Xavier quietly says to the others, Hold on,as he turns his attention to the door.

He squeezes through the open door to another side. He begins to remove the bits and pieces of cinder blocks and wood from the behind the door. Until finally the door opens far enough for the others to fit through. They all go into what appears to be an old office building, with business name plaques on some of the doors still. In the distance, they can still hear the mech and other patrols moving about. They move into the hallway. Grease and Xavier begin moving cinder blocks and wood back to the where they were to block the door. Leaving it slightly ajar where they found it. Xavier goes back over the scene to cover their tracks, so it appears the way it did before they entered. They begin heading to the second floor of the ruined building. They carefully make it up the stairs hunkering down in one of the offices. The Mech makes its way past the building. They can hear the sound of its grinding gears and pumping pistons. As time passes the sounds of the Mech and other patrols fade into the distance. Jacks crouches in the corner and cups his hand to light a cigarette cupping the ember to hide the glow.

Xavier giving Jacks a hard stare says in hushed a tone, Put that out.”

Jacks blows smoke into the air, puts out his cigarette on the ground beside of him, and goes to work reloading his scoped rifle. With Walter and Xavier on lookout Grease begins to rummage through the office space. Luckily, he finds an old sat-phone unsure if it works or not he places it in his backpack. Xavier pockets a small hand full of paperclips.

The Four of them sit and wait to make sure the patrols have left the area. Then the rain starts. They slide themselves as close to the wall as possible to stay as dry as they can as they wait.

Jacks asks, Why did they even attack us in the first place?”

Xavier replies, Who knows really, they could be scavengers for all we know.”

Jacks nods in agreement, We’ve done the same to others.”

As they wait, they quietly discuss what to do next. Their thoughts go back to Hope as well as the others.

Grease asks,Well what if we take a small group?”

Xavier replies, We are a small group.”

Walter snickers.

Grease states again, No… I mean, attack one of their small patrols and capture one of them.”

Walter simply says, “Oh.”

Jacks looks between the two,  Grease and Xavier, and just nods his head.

Xavier says, “Okay…. But splitting up a group might be hard. One group has a Mech and the patrols are two to three people.”

Walter replies, “Yeah!”

Grease interjects, at the same time, we don’t want to go head to head with that Mech nor do we want to start a mini-war either. We did shoot one back in the department store.”

Xavier states the obvious, “we need to know who is after us. Either way, we need to move from this spot and maybe double back and see if he the one you shot is still back there.”

Grease suggests, “Let’s head back to the department store.”

They darkest part the night descends on the city. Xavier, with his bionic embedded hearing, hears the faint sounds of patrols that are a few blocks away. They are all he can detect of the assailants in this rain. As the four of them make their way to the ruined department store. They begin looking for signs of the one that was shot. After a brief search, they were able to locate where the raider was shot. They located a bit of blood with some other fluid mixed in. Walter was able to spot if right off that is was robotic fluid and by the amount found the raider was hit in a vital spot. Walter was also able to determine that the raider that was shot was some form of cyborg, or at least has some major cybernetic implants. The faint light in the department store was more than enough to see the shiny fluid droplet leading to an open set of elevator doors.

elevatorAs they look down the shaft, they can see the elevator is just one floor below them most likely in the basement. The drop down to the top of the elevator is roughly ten feet. With a quick glance, Grease notices all the mechanical parts of the elevator are still intact. Without thinking about it Grease drops down to the floor and grabs the ledge so that he can hang and drop the remaining few feet. Walter and Xavier inspect and look over the elevator a bit more before jumping down to join Grease. This leaves Jacks crouched up on the main floor. Once down in the elevator shaft, they notice that one of the elevator panels is slightly ajar. Opening it up Xavier sticks his head down in the elevator but he is unable to make out anything nor does he hear anything. Walter sticks his head down in the hole using his cybernetic eye and notices that the elevator is still intact but a little rough for wear and that the doors are shut. As the three of them make their way into the elevator Jacks moves down the top part of the elevator.  Inside the elevator, almost no light shines. Walter is scanning the floor and walls of the elevator for any sign that the wounded raider came this way. After a brief scan, he finds droplets of blood and robotic fluid mix on the floor and scratches on the elevator door possible due to the doors being forced open at some point. After Walter informs the others, Xavier asked if the blood mixture was fresh or not. Walter lets them know the blood and robotic fluid mixture is still glossy and doesn’t have dust settled on it yet. Grease runs his hand over the doors of the elevators and removes the door safety so that the door can slide open without a sound. As the door slides open ever so quietly a faint red light can be seen in the far corner of what looks like a mechanical or boiler room.

Grease mutters to himself, I need to make me some night vision goggles.”

The red glow doesn’t illuminate the room, but it does let them see what is between them and the light. As the three move out of the elevator Jacks drops down into the elevator and follows up behind Grease. The four of them creep through the darkness moving closer and closer to the glowing red light. Xavier slips the outer edge of the room, while quietly flipping his cloak from the urban ghillie look to a weathered and raggedy look. Walter turns on his infrared vision and notices two individuals in the corner where the red glow is coming from. Grease and Jacks inch their way to the glowing light. As they approach they see someone leaning over another person doing something.

Xavier starts stumbling in like a drunk homeless person mumbling and humming with a slurred speech pattern, La da ha hum da…. ha umm I got visitors.” 

Walter is hiding in the shadows behind Xavier. Grease and Jacks flank the two while remaining hidden in the shadows with their rifles aimed at the two individuals. The one leaning over the other person whips open a pistol and fires it at Xavier with lightning reflexes. The bullet speed toward Xavier. At that moment Grease pulls the trigger firing a shot blowing the head off the raider, his brains splatter against the wall behind him. The bullet caliber was too low to penetrate Xavier’s cloak’s ballistic weaving but leaves a nasty bruise. The moment the bullet hit Xavier he hit the floor pretending dead as a doornail laying there motionless with his eyes still open. Now that the raider’s head is blown off, they can see that the other wounded raider is a half machine and is unconscious. He has been shot in the left side of his abdomen, the mostly human side. The other person was patching him up.

Grease lowers his rifle while moving forward and casually says, He’s dead.”

He checks the two raiders for weapons. Xavier is still laying on the floor not moving but is being ever watchful of the area. Walter and Jacks move closer to the two raiders.

Grease calls to Walter,Walter, come check this guy out.”

Walter begins to look the cyborg raider over to determine, what kind of condition he is in. Determining that he is not that bad off and that he can be patch up without a problem.

Grease says, Just take his power supply.”

Walter replies, that will kill him.”

Grease says, “We don’t know if it works that way.”

Walter replies in a snarky tone, Oh, we do know.”

As Walter is looking over the raider’s systems he disables the robotic leg and says, This will keep him from running.”

Once the leg is disabled Walter begins to wake up the wounded raider. The wounded raider wakes up with a jolt and begins lashing out attempting to reach the nearest person when the butt of Grease’s rifle smashes into the side of his face whipping his head backward slamming it against the wall. IT leaves a sizable welt on his face. Walter leans in and goes for a butt-stroke as well, as the rifle is being swung at the wounded raider’s face Walter’s butt of the rifle barely misses and hits the wall right beside the wound raiders face.

Grease chuckles slightly. Walter says, Hey I work on people not hitting people.” The wound raider moans, as his head bobs up and down a few time.

Grease says in a harsh tone, “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STRUGGLE OUT OF THIS… WE WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE WITH AND WHY YOU ARE CHASING US.” Walter moves back behind the wounded raider and begins disconnecting a few wires and locks the wounded raiders elbow. Jacks moves up from the shadows closer to the group. Then Grease says, “We can cut you off piece by piece or you can tell us what we want to know.” The wounded Raider mumbles.

At this which point Walter starts checking in and round his mouth to discover that one of the robotic mouth pistons was damaged most likely due to a recent head injury. While letting the other know. Walter says, While I am fixing this, I can remove his teeth, so he can’t bite anyone.” Walter and Grease both laugh as Walter repairs the piston inside the raiders mouth.

Meanwhile, Grease has his rifle to the raiders head and Xavier, who is still pretending to be dead on the floor, determines it’s safe enough to get up and joins the rest of the group.

Grease starts again, Once again who are you with and why are you chasing us?”

The Wounded Raider replies, YOU KNOW WHO I AM WITH!”

Grease, If I knew the answer, I would not be asking.”

Walter states, That’s incorrect.”

The Wound Raider interjects, “You attacked us first and we have been chasing you for weeks.”

Grease replies, We didn’t attack anyone we were searching for food.”

The Wound Raider insists, “You attacked us first, we were just retaliating.”

Grease says, “We were trying to be left alone.”

The Wound Raider insists again in a harsh tone, LIES!”

Walter asserts, Then why don’t you just tell us, or I can just start removing some screws out of the side of his head.”

The Wound Raiders replies, “You know what you did.”

Grease argues, “Apparently not,” and jumps at him putting his face in the wounded raiders face. “Just tell us.”

Walter asks, What wrong with telling us, if we know it already?”

Grease presses harder with the barrel of his rifle against the wounded raiders head, I’m going to shoot you if you don’t tell us something.”

Xavier approaches the wounded Raider but still maintaining his distance, “Okay, okay listen friend you’re hungry we’re hungry…. We are just trying to find someplace to stay, live or hunker down or something.” Using his hand as well as his mouth to talk, “We are taking this day by day just like you. We have some food that we could share with you, not a lot but some…. We are not the bad guys here, not sure who attacked you, but it wasn’t us. So, look around we can split this food five ways or four ways with one less bullet. So, what is it going to be?”

Jacks states, “Just shoot this asshole, he’s giving us nothing.”

Xavier suggests, “Don’t waste the bullet, unplug him or something.”

Walter snickers, “Oh, I can.”

Xavier tries again, “The only thing saving you my friend is you may know something we don’t.” He continues in a level toned voice, “When that runs out that your life’s currency.”

Jacks walks up to the wounded raider drawing a hunting knife and slides it between the human and robotic parts on his chest. He starts to twist the moment Walter yells almost as loud as the wounded raider. Walter yells, “Don’t damage any of the parts I might want them!” The wounded Raider begins to scream in pain but still doesn’t give up any information. Jacks pulls his blade out of the wounded raider.

Xavier speaks again, “I am your last chance brother you might want to tell me something.”

The wounded raider says with heavy breathing from the screaming, “Okay…Okay, I work for RED.”

Grease questions, “Red dog?”

Walter says, “Red Hat… Red who?”

Xavier asks, Is Red a person or a company?” He pauses then continues, “Can you take us to Red?”

The wounded raider replies, “Red doesn’t like visitors.”

Xavier asks more, “Can you put us in contact with Red? Set up a meeting or something anything?”

The wounded raider answers, “I might be able to set something up if you can find something to trade.”

Xavier asks, “What is he interested in?”

The wounded raider looks between the four and answers, “Um, Normal stuff I guess, weapons, tech, or information.”

Xavier asks again, “No what is Red interested in… Everyone wants that kind of stuff. What are his vices?”

The wounded raider replies with a painful sigh, “Gambling.”

Xavier thinks out loud, “I can work with that.”

Feeling like they have gotten somewhere with the wounded raider. The party decides to hunker down and get some rest. Walter spends a few moments of his time to patch up Grease and Xavier’s wounds. The last few hours of the night are spent taking turns sleeping in shifts of two. One of them stays up watching the Wound raider while the other one watches the elevator. The hours pass uneventfully thankfully.
























downloadSo last Friday I ran my first game of Fate Core. For the most part it went well but there was some room for improvement. Which I will discuss more on another post. Currently just finished typing up our last game session and combing back through it for grammar and spelling as of right now. So that I can update the Story so Far area in my blog, which includes putting together a Player Character (PC) and Non-player character (NPC) page with their info. After the new year I will start to put together the next game session, now that I have an idea where the story is going. The biggest issue is time, never enough time. Especial with the holidays and kids. Hopefully I will wrap all this up very soon.


fate dice

Before Christmas I am planning on running the first session of the Remnant. I decide that I wanted to run a campaign using a different Role-playing engine so to speak. I have been a D&D fan since the 80’s and I’ve started looking at other role-playing platforms. There are so many to choose from. I had no idea how many where out there until I started looking for a new system to at least try. Yeah, I’ve played GURPs before it was okay, but sifting through what rules you want and don’t want gets to me. Don’t get me wrong it has wonderful mechanics and all. It’s just daunting at times to sift through them all to decide which ones you want in what world. Then you must teach your player base a new set of rules every time you switch genres. Okay it is great that they have rules for everything for the most part. It is going over all these rules you are using and not using. It takes up a whole game session, so it seems.

I started looking at Dungeon World, Savage World, and Fate Core. I think I decided I want to try Fate Core out for a while. Yes, I still must teach a new set of rules this time, but if we like this system the rules stay consistent between genres. Coming up, we have the Remnant. Which is a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic theme, and maybe next time we can play a Star Wars or Superhero theme.

The first half of the session will be character creation and world overview. As well as, an overview into Fate Core rules and such. Planning on hosting three players who have a lot of experience playing D&D, as well as other Role-playing games, and tabletop games. This is before I have my much larger group of players over. So I can have a bit more control over the table before we get into a larger game with more people. I’ve read over Fate Core books as well as asked questions on Fate Core Groups on Facebook to get a better understand of the rules. The first thing I will do will be explaining the rules as well as I can while giving them a comparison between D&D and Fate. This is so they can relate how each part kind of works. At this point I feel that I have good grasp of the rules, but do I fully understand them? No. Will mistakes be made? Of course, but that’s okay it is all a part of learning.

Do any of you have any advice for me as the GM or for my players when making the switch from D&D to Fate?

My Struggle

letter writingHere I sit staring at the computer once again not sure what to write. Well sort of… I know what I want to write about. I have a clear idea in my head, but I am not sure how to put it into words. I have this scene in mind for the campaign I am preparing for, the Remnant. However, describing what the players see, hear, or smell so it matches what I envision in my head is difficult. This is my weakness; being unable to properly describe in detail what I see. I look at peoples faces and if I were too close my eyes, I couldn’t make out their facial features, much less describe it to someone else. That’s not my only struggle I deal with when writing. Even basic writing skills elude me such as grammar, and spelling. I’ve been wrestling with this my whole life so its nothing new. That is why I have a live-in editor whom I feed bacon for editing.

What stops you from working on your games? What obstacles do you have to work at to overcome?